• Image of Super Nintendo (SNES) E-Enail

Why Choose ProTemp VS Competition

- Excellent Customer Service
- Quality Control
- Warranty
- Free 2-Day Shipping with insurance
- Tuned to be accurate to the degree
- Premium heater coils (6ft) in length & gold XLR
- New innovative Titanium Dish exclusive to ProTemp
- Choice of coil, nail and carb cap

I find an SNES in need of some TLC, fully restore, clean, and also replace the 62-pin cartridge making it just like new!

fully operational with ProTemp E-Nail built right in

SNES E-NAIL includes:

SNES Console E-Nail
1 SNES Game
1 SNES Controller
SNES power and AV cables
ProTemp power cable
Choice of coil
Choice of nail
Choice of carb cap

For Tobacco use only