• Image of Heater Coil
  • Image of Heater Coil
  • Image of Heater Coil
  • Image of Heater Coil
  • Image of Heater Coil

Why Choose ProTemp VS Competition

- Excellent Customer Service
- Quality Control
- Warranty
- Free 2-Day Shipping with insurance
- Premium heater coils (6ft) in length & gold XLR
- XLR Connector & Heat shrink completed by ProTemp
- Choice of coil
- Price

ProTemp now offers 16mm encased, 20mm standard and flat style heater coils!

New Black & White Sheathing now available!

All coils feature 6ft in length premium sheathing, paired with Neutrik Gold pin XLR rated for >1000 plug-ins.

Reasons to choose Fully Encased:

- the titanium encasement is excellent for protection and longivety of the heater coil ensuring nothing can touch or damage the coil. It also helps maintain steady temperature in outdoor/windy situations.
- Perfectly fits Highly Educated & Hive Nails
- Now offered at same price as standard coils!

Standard D-Nail/E-Nail wiring

Pin 1 = Positive
Pin 2 = Negative
Pin 3 = TC +
Pin 4 = TC -
Pin 5 = Ground

I also have 6ft XLR Extension cables available so
be sure to check them out!

For Tobacco use only